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Your solution for customized and branded merch!

Beasiley Created was creatively named after founder and CEO, LaTanya (Beasley) Carter. Stemming from a passion for creating with ease, LaTanya initially starting creating invitations, flyers, and other digital things for family, friends, and businesses in 2010.


With hopes of eventually expanding her business, Mrs. Beasley-Carter purchased items needed to create t-shirts, glasses, mugs, wall decals, and more. In 2016 during “prom season” she created invitations for a customer who also needed customized glasses and t-shirts. At that point LaTanya dusted off her equipment and put it to work, by creating customized champagne glasses and t-shirts for her client’s “prom send-off” festivities.


After displaying those easily created items on Facebook and Instagram more people began to request their items to be easily created as well. Today we continue to service customers who need their tees, mugs, and other special event items to bEASiLEY Created!

About Beasiley Created

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